Weekly Round Up – Lasagna and Coloring Books

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Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup. This is for the week of July 29th through August 4. So, this week, we actually have quite a few items on our wacky holiday list.

On the 29th, we have both National Lasagna Day and Chicken Wing Day, so take your pick. Put something out there on those, and then on the 31st is Avocado Day. That might be something that would appeal to all the millennials out there. The 2nd is Coloring Book Day, so maybe toddlers are on social media or something. It seems kind of odd to me, but anyway, it’s there. Then on the 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. So, there’s a whole slew of them there of you can take your pick of. Have a little fun on social media with, and liven up your feeds.

Beyond that, it is the end of the month, beginning of a new month. I’m sure that you probably have at least one or two open houses scheduled, so let’s go ahead and make sure that we send an email out about those open houses and invite people to them, and make sure to provide links to the house and stuff like that. It’s all about providing information so that people will click, and then go back to your site so you can generate leads.

Or, in this case, come back to the open house and actually come out to the open house, I should say, and see the house itself, and that way, you get to personally interact with them.

So that’s been your weekly roundup from the Real Estate Marketing Minute. If you like what you see, don’t forget to click Like or Subscribe. Thanks for watching, and have a great day

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Weekly Round Up – Lasagna and Coloring Books