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Hey, guys. Welcome back to The Real Estate Marketing Minute.

As you can see, I’m in front of our booth here at Louisville, at the Kentucky Realtor Association Conference and Expo and you can hear the party way over there. Realtors are having a really good time.

They walked by our booth here earlier tonight and we got to meet a lot of them. Lot of fun there.

So, here in this moment, you’re going to get a bunch of tips on how to grow your business from all the other vendors at the conference. So, enjoy watching that, and we’ll see you soon.

All right. Awesome. My name’s David Earnest. I’m actually a customer success manager over in the Cincinnati office of [inaudible 00:00:39].

So, what advice I can give you for real estate? Real estate, it’s always been relationship based. So as long as you’re building you relationship up with your buyers, your sellers, they buy into you, they sell into you. That’s gonna take you a long way. Always, always, always act customer first. Just build that relationship.

Use different tools to build that relationship, whether it’s technology, whether it’s just person to person interaction. Just build the relationship up.

Hi. Casey McDonald from

So what do you talk about in your listing presentations? In order to showcase how well you can market the properties for your vendors, so have you chatted about virtual staging and how that can actually improve the way in which it’s showcased online.

I encourage you to do so. It’ll improve your listings.

All right. Hi. My name is Emily Kato and I’m the Regional Manager for Oxford Houses. It is a national, non-profit in the United States and one of the tips that I have for you guys would be what a great way to expand your network of people and to help others by working with a non-profit that will not only bring in commission for you guys, but will help people that are in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Thanks.

Hi. I’m April Phillips with Wrubel Home Inspections. Our tip for growing your business is educate your clients on the whole process of the home buying process to make sure that they’re picking the right mortgage company. The right home inspector. Making sure it’s the right fit for them. This is the biggest purchase of their life and you’re the person.

I’m Joe Young. I’m with the Miller Company. We are one stop shop for all your IT needs.

One piece of advice I can give for real estate agents and anyone in that industry is data security. Make sure that yours and your client’s information is safe, secure, backed up.

Today’s IT environment you can have a multitude of attacks, a multitude of leaks, accidental loss of data, so making sure that information is kept safe and secure is highly important.

Hey. I’m Chris Hardcastle with Home Warranty of America.

One tip that I would have for anybody is the re-key program. It leaves a lasting impression. Gives your clients peace of mind and get the whole house re-keyed. You don’t know how many keys are out there floating around for 20 years.

That’s all I got for you.

Thank you guys. That’s it for the vendor tips. Thanks for watching the video. Thanks for watching The Real Estate Marketing Minute. We’ll see you next time.

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Tips to grow your Real Estate Business