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Real Estate Social Marketing is a key component of any real estate agents marketing strategy. The hardest part for most of the agents that we work with is managing real estate marketing content across multiple channels. This is where this podcast comes in. Doug and Discuss social media marketing tips, tactics and give some great advice.

Take Aways for Real Estate Social Marketing
Listening: Make sure to monitor your real estate social marketing channels for mentions of your brand. Keep an eye on what people are saying about you and respond!
Learning: Social media is a great place to ask questions and get responses. learn what your customers like and want through impromptu and informal surveying.
Engagement: Interact with your social spheres! Get them talking to you so that it isn’t just a one way street.
Promotion: Promote yourself and your product, but do it in a way that isn’t obnoxious.

Read the Real Estate Social Media Marketing Podcast Transcript

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