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Hello, and welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week is a local expertise week, so I thought what I’d do is show you some pictures and stuff from a trip that my son, and I took last weekend. We decided that we were gonna find some Indiana waterfalls in the area, and go out and just take some pictures of those. That’s what you’re looking at right now is those pictures. The whole point of this is to show you that you can go out, and you can find something somewhat regional, doesn’t have to be in your backyard, doesn’t even have to be in the neighborhood that you’re wanting to work in. All you have to do is find something somewhat regional that people that were gonna move into that neighborhood could look at and see and go, “Oh, you know what? This is within driving distance. It’s a great little day adventure.” That sort of thing. It’s a great way to showcase your expertise beyond just that neighborhood you want to work in, while still tying it in to that neighborhood so that people know that living there is a great thing to do.

Now, we picked some waterfalls in Indiana. It doesn’t have to be an outdoorsy thing. It could be a recreational park. It could be an amusement park. It could be a museum. It could be culture. It could be pretty much anything and everything that somebody might want to go do in driving distance of where your neighborhood that you want to work in is. That’s your task for this week. Go out and find something to do with somebody. Some activity that’s in the area not necessarily in the neighborhood, but regionally speaking, that would be fun that a lot of different types of people could participate in. Have fun with that. Make sure you put some great pictures up. Share it on your social, all that good stuff, and thanks for watching The Real Estate Marketing Minute. We’ll see ya next time.

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Regional Adventure