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Hey, Adam here from the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Thanks so much for watching. Today we’re in Nashville, Tennessee at the 10th annual Rebar Camp and we’re looking at hoping to meet a lot of new people and learn some new things. Hey guys, I just finished up the intro and now we’re heading to our sessions. My first session was actually going to be video creation. So I’m hoping to learn something there that I can share with you guys. We’ll see you soon.

Hey, I’m back here. Just finished up a session on video marketing and one of the things I got from that the most, and it’s something that I’ve actually talked about in the past with Doug on one of our podcasts, is the fact that audio is super important to your video. Right now there’s a lot of background noise and there’s music playing, but I’m using a road mic, so I’m hoping that the audio sounds really good here that you can clearly understand what I’m saying. So if you’re going to do video, audio is actually one of the most important things you can do. So that’s your tip from the video marketing session. Thanks for watching guys.

Hey Adam Small here. Following are some clips of some of the people we met here at Rebar and some of the things that they are wanting to learn while they’re here.

Hi, I’m Antoinette Jenkins, the realtor that gets results by listening, and this is my second year at Rebar. I had such a good time last year that I had to come this year. I learned so much stuff from social media, to how to manage my business, and you know what? The stuff that I learned from Rebar last year helped me to achieve rookie of the year for 2018 so yay. Come join us and have a great time at Rebar.

I’m Zack I’m from Seattle, Washington. Here at my first Rebar camp. Really excited looking forward to it. Here with Zillow. We’re onstage doing a Q & A and learning a lot today.

Hi, I’m Mary Lane Sloan from Columbia, South Carolina with the Art of Real Estate, and this is my first time here. I’m really looking forward to it.

Andrew Dace with Prestige Homes in Bristol, Tennessee. Came to Rebar Camp basically to try to get a little bit further on some of the tech that I’m pushing into and try to find other people who are doing the same thing. Maybe glean a little bit from them or maybe give some stuff that I’m doing. So yeah, it’s been great. Been real fun. It’s my first time so I enjoy it.

Hey guys, I’ve been going around all day getting quick little videos from people at the various sessions that they’ve attended and what they learned and that’s what I’m going to show you now.

Hi, I’m Megan Manly with Village Real Estate in Nashville and I just finished Madison’s amazing Instagram stories class. And a couple of things I learned, I have to look at my notes. I learned about some great new apps. One is called RecordIt, one is called Mojo, and one is called Videoshot. So I’m going to check those out. Thanks so much.

Hi, my name is Michelle Wright and I’m with Augusta and Beyond Properties in Augusta, Georgia. I just took a rookie class and I that I shouldn’t market on base. I should mark it off base.

My name is Terry Buchanan. I’m in the Knoxville market in Tennessee. The session was the session on video live on Facebook for growing your business. One of the things I learned, what was the name of the studio?

Yeah. Yeah. And it was a pretty awesome piece of software. So it’s my second year of being here and I loved it.

Hi, my name is Yvonka Lanis, I’m with Realty Executives and the Lanis team. I just finished a great podcast and I learned a lot about editing, great sound, the way to have you’re editing done, what companies to deal with, and mics. It was a great session and I learned a lot. Thank you.

Hi, I’m Vicki Mitchell. With Benchmark Realty here in Nashville in the Nashville market. I’m attending the Rebar Camp here and one thing that I learned in the CRM class we just completed, was that the old saying goes, the best CRM is the one you use. Start small then add the innovation as you need them.

Hey there, Kimberly Small with Agent Sauce. Just finished up my last session at the Rebar Camp in Nashville, Tennessee. Great Conference if you haven’t been. It was their 10 year anniversary this year. Overlying theme this year was be authentic. Everybody’s looking for that content externally and really you have it inside you. What are you good at? What are your hobbies? What are your passions? People want to get to know you. So that’s what everybody was talking about today.

Hey, I’m back and just want to thank you guys for watching this video. We had a great time at the Nashville Rebar Camp and if you have any questions, you want contact anybody in the video, make sure to send us a message and let us know. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time guys.

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