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Looking to enhance your real estate marketing with a Real Estate Podcast? Listen to our real estate podcast where we talk about how to get started with your own real estate podcast, what equipment and software you will need, how to syndicate and distribute your real estate podcast and even provide some thoughts on good topics and, hopefully, make you the top real estate podcast in your area.

Takeaways for Real Estate Podcast
GET STARTED! The number one takeaway is that getting started is the most important thing to do. Don’t wait till you have the perfect equipment, software, location or topic. Just start and the rest will follow.
Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive While podcast studios will have the expensive microphones, recorders, mixers and software, you don’t need them. You can literally get started with your phone and headset. Then as you progress and gain audience you can upgrade.
Be the expert The more you demonstrate that you have knowledge and expertise the greater your authority will be. Showcase local shops, restaurants and events. Talk about the local market and why working with you is important. Demonstrate your knowledge of real estate law. This will establish you as the go to person for all real estate needs.

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Real Estate Podcasting