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Adam Small: Hey Adam Small here with Agent Sauce and today we are in Dayton, Ohio for the REBAR camp here, and it’s been a great day so far. Just want to introduce you guys, you’re going to see a couple of videos coming up here shortly from people that are talking about what their experience has been, and what they’ve wanted to learn, so enjoy the videos, and we’ll see you soon.

Melissa Poulin: My name is Melissa Poulin. I am here representing Keller Williams, Denver Southeast in Denver, Colorado. Obviously this is my first REBAR, and I am here to grow in leadership and knowledge so that I can better thrust my team into tomorrow.

Jimmy Vanas: Hey everyone, my name’s Jimmy, I’m from Michigan. I’m here at the Dayton BAR camp. Love going to these all over the country. It is the best peer learning you’re ever going to have. You come here, you get information, best practices from everybody else in the room, always learning something new. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. Got to come and experience it yourself.

Erin Wood: Hi, my name’s Erin. I just did a session at Dayton REBAR. We are talking about Facebook advertising, and all the recent policy changes that you’ve probably run into. So check it out. These are the kinds of sessions you guys are going to find today.

Kelly Morris: Hi, my name is Kelly Morris and I’m here at REBAR for the very first time. I am from Kettering, work with Home Experts Realty, and brand new realtor as of August 26, and I’m here to learn as much as I can from as many different realtors, loan lenders that I can.

Derek Mayer: I’m Derek Mayer with Wow Video. We do photos of beautiful real estate and other marketing. Been at REBAR, this is our fifth year, and we love being here. We love learning just from other agents, and learning more specifically, most of the sessions seem to be about social media, and it’s just been excellent to learn and kind of brainstorm with other agents.

Kassie Locke: Hi, I’m Kassie Locke from Houston, Texas and this is my first REBAR camp. And I came out because there’s just, it’s a huge mastermind of some of the best and most respected individuals and peers in real estate. And I really was looking forward to just hearing how they operate their business, and what I can learn from them to accelerate our business.

Heather Haase: Hi everybody. My name is Heather Haase. I’m one of the chairs of team REBAR. I just want to thank everybody so much for coming out. REBAR, R-E BAR Camp, if I’m saying it correctly, is an amazing event. It is an unconventional convention where you learn, you take stuff away, you master mind. There is no presentations, there is no paperwork, or anything like that. Like it is literally just sharing with other agents, and it’s an amazing, amazing event. So I want to thank everybody who came out, and I hope to see the rest of you next year, October 15th.

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RE Bar Camp – Dayton Ohio