Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before You Hire

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A technical piece this week. Create a document on Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before You Hire.

Hello and welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week is a technical week for us, so we’re going to start off with a content piece that’s somewhat technical in nature, but should be pretty easy for you to write. Basically it’s a … so many questions, ten questions to ask a realtor before you sign with them. Right? So sit down and think up ten questions or five, or whatever works best for you, that a person that’s interviewing a real estate agent should ask before they decide to hire an agent. It could be stuff from, “Hey, what’s your commission rate?” To, “What separates you from the competition? How much will you charge to sell my home? What documents do I need?” That sort of thing, right?

So what you’re doing when you put together this type of content is you’re demonstrating that you have a lot knowledge of the transaction and what’s necessary to either buy or sell a home. And you’re helping put somebody at ease before they ever meet you. The other thing that you’re doing is you’re really preparing yourself for these questions when you go into an interview with somebody to buy or sell their home. To list their home, or help them buy a home. So it really has multiple purposes. It’s good for somebody to see what’s on your website. It’s good for you to send this out as an email, because it helps lend credibility to you. And at the same time, it helps you be better and better prepared in your listing meetings. So think of the hard questions too. Put them up there.

And over time, you can go back to this document and keep adding questions to it as well. That way, it’s kind of a living document. As you run into things that are new and different or whatever, you can just say, “Hey, what about this? And then you can put a nice answer down there. And it’s going to help you from an SEO perspective, if you’re putting it on your website. It’s going to help your sphere of influence informed, which is going to help you out in general. So this week’s technical content piece is a … so many questions you should ask before hiring a realtor.

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Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before You Hire