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Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week’s a local expertise week so I got two things for you actually this week. One’s kind of just a little rant, a little vent, just maybe even a public service announcement. And then the other is your task for the week.

So to get started with the public service announcement. Your photos, your profile photos in particular, make sure they’re up to date. Make sure that they’re not 20 years old, 10 years old. If it’s older than two years, you need to go get a new profile photo taken. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into an office looking for an agent and don’t recognize them because their profile photo is so much different than what they look like in person. And you know it’s great, it’s airbrushed, it makes you look amazing and all that, but if it doesn’t look like you it’s not doing you any good whatsoever. So make sure that you have an up-to-date profile photo. Your headshot, whatever it is you want to call that photo, make sure it’s up to date, make sure it’s current. If it’s more than a couple years old it’s not doing you any good because it’s actually hurting your brand because people don’t recognize you. And then when they do see you they’re like, “Oh, well what’s going on there?” So that’s the first thing.

The next thing is your local expertise thing. And so for this week what we want you to do is find a vendor or a partner that you work with, maybe it’s a construction guy, a handyman or as a home stager or that sort of thing and do an interview with them. Talk about their business, talk about what they do. How they help homeowners or home sellers, buyers, whatever it is to make their home more theirs. Talk about how they are part of that process of making things better for a homeowner or for a home seller looking to sell or even a buyer because the inspection found something. Talk about the value that they lend to the overall process. Do an interview with them, make it a blog post, you can even get it transcribed. Make it a blog post, send it in an email, send a link to the blog post.
Or if you want do a video of it. One way or the other, make sure you get it out there on all your social media channels so that people can see it and know that you know people in the area to help them with their problems even after the home was bought. Or when they’re looking to sell the home and they know they’ve got a couple of things that need to be updated.

And that’s your task for this week. Do a great interview. Thanks for watching Real Estate Marketing Minute, we’ll see you next time.

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Photos and Interviews