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Welcome the the real estate marketing minute. As you can see, I’m out here at a festival at a local park. There’s a lot of stuff going on, a lot of people around. There’s live music and food and all sorts of fun stuff. This is a great example of something that you could do in your area to help demonstrate your local expertise, so your task for this week, get out there, show a local park, show a local area, show a local event, something highlighted. Do a video, maybe even a Facebook live, and then go back and put it up on your blog, put it on YouTube and post it to all your social channels, and send an email about it as well. This is gonna help you establish your local expertise, so make sure you get out there and do that, and as a bonus, the Fourth of July’s coming up real soon, so if you do send that email, make sure to list where fireworks are gonna be in that email. That way people can get out and go to fireworks and give you the credit for it, so thanks for watching real estate marketing minute. We’ll see you next time.

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Parks and Recreation | Highlight your local Expertise