Outdoor Winter Activities

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Hey. Welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Adam Small here. This week is a local week. We’re gonna focus on an article for our blog, and our social, and our content library that is a local article. And, this week’s topic, I think, is probably one that a lot of people don’t do, which is fun things to do in the winter outside. So, something along those lines. So, that’s literally not the title that you wanna use. You wanna use something like, “Five Great Places to Sled in Indiana,” right? Or ski, or maybe ice skating, or some kind of winter sport or winter outdoor activity. It could even be winter hiking, or places to take photos outdoors during the winter.

Since we’re kind of in the middle of a deep freeze here, I thought that would be a really good topic where … Obviously, we don’t wanna encourage people to get out when it’s -30 degrees and all. But, when it’s 40 or 30, and there’s snow on the ground, there are some places that are really great to see. They look really amazing, and pretty, and beautiful when there’s that snow on the ground. So, it could be a photography for winter, or that sort of thing, for your local area. Or, even just sledding, skiing, and ice skating.

So, what I want you to do is go out and find … even a small list of just three places would be great, and kind of localize it to your area. Things to do in your town, or in your country, or your state. And, post that to your social media. Post that to your blog, or share that on your social media. Even send it in an email.

And, that’s your local content for the week. So, have fun, make it great, and thanks for watching, guys. So glad to see you here at the Real Estate Marketing Minute. And, we’ll see you next time.

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Outdoor Winter Activities