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As operators of a real estate marketing platform we see a ton of marketing. Some of it great, some of it not so good and some that, while an amazing marketing piece in construct, is just missing a fundamental piece, like a call to action, that would make it perfect. This leads us to today’s podcast topic. Real Estate Marketing Pet Peeves, this is meant to be a little tongue in cheek topic that pokes a little fun at what real estate agents (and most of us) do to market listings and themselves while providing tips on what to do to make your marketing better.

Take Aways for Real Estate Marketing Pet Peeves
Double check your real estate marketing automation – Real Estate Marketing Automation tools are great but they won’t work without human supervision. Make sure to test your drips and pay attention to the details like merge tags and names and links.
Use multiple marketing channels – Any good marketing program is going to use multiple channels to get the message out. Make sure you are too.
Don’t be the expert – You are an expert in buying and selling homes. Let the experts in other ares do the things you don;t know. Like Online ads, webpages and such.

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Marketing Pet Peeves