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Hello and welcome back to the real estate marketing man and I’m Adam Small. Today for our content library, we’re going to be doing a technical piece and that means that this is a piece that’s kind of orientated around the profession of being a real estate agent. Of helping out people when they need to buy or sell a home. And in particular, what we’re looking at today, is different types of loans. So, we can talk about BA loans, FAJ loans, bridge loans, all different types of loans that are out there. Now one thing I will say is that you need to kind of put out there that you’re not a loan expert and you’re not giving them advice. And if they need advice, they need to go talk to a mortgage lender of some sort, in order to really help them out.

All you’re doing is you’re writing a general overview of what that loan is. The different types of loans that are out there, and how they may be used in different applicable situations, right? So, write them that article, put it on your blog post. Put a nice image with it, and then share it. Put it out there on your social channels and stuff. And if you’re really industrious, you might actually turn this in to an infographic, because this is a good one that lends itself towards infographics. And you know, you could even go out and find a mortgage lender that you like to work with and get them to kind of co-brand it, sponsor it. Make sure that you guys stay within all the regulations there.

But it’s a great opportunity for them to push it out as well. And then you kind of double your reach and maybe grab a few more followers, all the while, demonstrating your technical expertise. So, this week, write a article on loans. Put the disclaimers in it. And if you want, make an infographic out of it and ask your mortgage lender or whomever you like to work with, to sponsor it and push it out themselves. That’s been your real estate marketing minute for this week. If you like what you see in here, don’t forget to click the like and/or subscribe buttons. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time guys.

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