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Hi. Adam Small here from the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Today, we are at the 2019 Real Estate Expo, presented by IREIBA, and it’s here to benefit the Realtor Foundation here in Indianapolis. And you’re going to see a little clip from the Realtor Foundation in just a moment. And then I’m going to take you around and show you some of the vendors and some of the agents. So thanks for watching, and we’ll see you soon.

The Realtor Foundation is a wonderful organization that allows agents to give back in a civic way for what they’re doing. And it’s already in place. So it’s just a great opportunity for agents to do what they do every day, and then have an outlet to give in the community where they sell.

Yeah. The Realtor Foundation makes it easy. You can do something like transactional giving. So each of your closings, you can donate $5, $20 per closing, and you’re giving back to help support the 20 organizations that we made grants to last year.

And last year, we gave almost $200,000, and all the different organizations that we support.

And we also do great events. We do three big events every year. They’re fun. It’s a good way to raise money for our organization.

All right. Hey, everyone. Amy with Dream Home Media. We are a real estate photography company here in Indianapolis. We have a team of photographers to serve you. My tip for agents is to think about real estate photography as helping to build your brand. Professional real estate photos not only help you sell your current listing, but when you sit down with the next client and show them what your brand is, they will help you bring in that next client and future business. Good luck.

Hi, everyone. I’m Nicole Thomas. I’m with MJW Financial. I’m a loan officer here. I would say a great tip of the day is, everyone in the business knows someone who’s a realtor or in real estate, so a great way to set yourself apart is who you actually refer to. Get yourself a partner who has not only low rates, loan products, and good customer service. And that’s going to be a great value to your business.

Hi. My name’s Debra McCoy. I’m from an Allstate Agency in Carmel and Fishers. My helpful insurance tip for today is to make sure, as you’re searching for your new agency, not only check the ratings on the agent, but the agency itself. Thanks. Have a great day.

And we’re with Monument Title. So our title tip for the day is, setting expectations for your clients. And whether you are on the selling side or the buying side, make sure you let your clients know to verify their wiring instructions. If they’re sending or receiving funds, make sure they have the current instructions from their bank team.

Hey. This is Travis Brown with BOE Mortgage. And you know what? I want to answer one of the toughest questions that I get, and that is, why does my Facebook marketing suck? And there’s about five reasons I’m going to talk about today. But the number one reason is, you don’t have a brand personality. That means people don’t know who you are, what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why you do it, in your digital footprint. So when you solve that problem, your Facebook margin will get much better.

Hi. I’m Tim Goff. I’m here at the Realtor Expo at the Biltwell Center. It’s been an amazing event. Lots of information, lots of valuable information, that you can get here. I recommend it highly. It’s been a wonderful experience. And next year, if you weren’t here this year, make sure you go next year.

Hi. I’m Cheryl Wheeler. I’m from Berkshire Hathaway in Greenville and Fortville. And this has been a great event. I really enjoy talking with everyone. And hopefully I can use your services. Thanks.

Thank you everybody who came out to the Real Estate Expo. We had an amazing turnout today, not just from agents who are coming to get really great information, but from our vendors. And I can’t thank them for … enough for supporting the Realtor Foundation and IREIBA and making today just a huge success. We’ve got some really great ideas about how to build on this and make it an even better event next year for you.

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