Idea Share and Follow Up Processes

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Hi guys. Welcome back to the Real Estate Market Minute. Sorry it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done this. Been a little busy. Went to Toronto, did the whole [Conax 00:00:12] content experience conference. Did a couple of podcasts up there. Got those out last week and now just trying to jump back into the swing of things.

This is a real estate marketing minute weekly roundup, and this is for the week of September 9 through 15. We’ve got two wacky holidays going on this week. One’s on the 10th and that is National Share an Idea Day and then on the 12th we have National Video Games Day. A little bit of something for everybody there. The Share Ideas Day would be a great thing to maybe post a couple things on social media and maybe try to create a mastermind group, maybe get together with some of your other agents on your team or in your brokerage and just talk about ideas and ways that you can use to help each other grow your own businesses, whether it be marketing or process or procedure or whatever.

Then the last time we spoke we did a six month followup routine. Basically I asked you to go back and checkout all the leads you had over the last six months and do followup with them. Now that you’ve done that what you need to do is look at what that followup routine was, kind of identify the things that you said and did and the process that you went through for those that were successful, those that you generated interest with, maybe converted them, talked to them, and started working with them. Identify what you did and said that you feel like helped you convert and create a process. Write it out and make sure you know what that process is so the next time you go to do a six month followup or a three month followup or a year followup you can sit down and walk through that same process and utilize the same techniques so that hopefully you convert a few more people.

This has been your weekly roundup with the Real Estate Market Minute. Have any questions, concerns, whatever, you like what you see don’t forget to like and/or subscribe to us. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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Idea Share and Follow Up Processes