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Hello. Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. If you recall last week we had to do a local restaurant review and like I said, we’re going to walk through and do technical and local. So this week we’re gonna focus on technical. And this week’s technical item is what I call “The Seller’s Journey”. So what we need to do is sit down and write every aspect of what it means to sell a home in your area. Start off with prepping the home for sale, and make sure that they’re aren’t any shrines to pets or children or whatever in the home. Neutralize the home. Make sure that people want to walk in and see themselves in there, instead of seeing your family in it.

You know, prep the outside of the home. Setting the right price. Doing a comparative analysis and then offer negotiations, inspection, anything and everything to do with selling the home. Make it a nice big document. Make it detailed but not boring. And then just make sure that it’s really informative so that people that are looking to sell can come to your site, see it and feel like they walked away informed, because that gives you authority. So once you got that document done, put it on your website, go ahead and post links to it on your social channels and even send an email about The Seller’s Journey. And then that’s your task for this week. Create that seller’s journey, put it out there on your website, put it on your social channels, send an email about it. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time on The Real Estate Marketing Minute.

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Home Sellers Journey