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Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week we’re doing the buyer’s journey. This is a technical piece, this is something for your website. What you’re gonna do is go out and create a buyer’s journey worksheet.

This is just like the seller’s worksheet that we did a little while back, and you’re gonna go through, and you’re just gonna detail every aspect of buying. From identifying what you want, deciding on your budget, getting pre-approved, right up to looking at homes, things to look for, negotiating contracts and inspections. Every aspect of what buying a home in your area means needs to go into this document.

You want to touch on anything specific to your are. Are attorneys needed in order to close a contracts? Title research and that sort of thing. How liens are handled, as well as maybe easements, anything along those lines needs to go into this buyer’s journey document.

Once you’ve got it done, once you’ve written it up, make sure that you put it on your website, make sure that you post links to the website on your social channels, and then even send an email about it. This is a great way to communicate with people that may be looking to buy or sell that haven’t done it in a while, or they’re first-time home buyers, because it lends sense of authority to you as a technical resource for buying and selling homes.

So, that’s your task for this week. Come up with your buyer journey, put it on your site, and disseminate it.

Thanks for watching Real Estate Marketing Minute, we’ll see you next time.

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Home Buyers Journey