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Hey, guys. Welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Thanks for joining us today. Your task for this coming week is going to be a technical task, so we’re going to kind of hit on building up some more of your technical knowledge. What we’re going to have you do this week is create a financial terms sheet … Okay? … and basically just list the term and then put a little definition of it out there. Okay? It’d be like assets, equity, debt-to-income ratio, stuff like that, all these things that are kind of discussed when you’re talking about getting a loan or a mortgage in order to purchase a home. Right? Just make this list of these terms, put it on a blog post, and then send it out as an email and put it out on your social channels, as well, promote your blog post on the social channels. Right?

What this’ll do, this’ll help people that are looking for information about loans and how they work and what they do and why this is important versus that. This’ll help them find you and help establish that credibility for you as a technical resource when they’re looking to buy or sell their home, so it just helps elevate your knowledge level in their eyes. Your task for this week, go out, create a financial terms sheet, and put it on your website as well as distribute it via email and on your social channels. Thanks for watching the Real Estate Marketing Minute, guys. We appreciate it. Have a great day. We’ll see you next time.

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Financial Terms