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In this episode, we discuss email marketing frequency for real estate email marketing newsletters. We touch on the necessity to evaluate your real estate sphere, the type of content in your real estate agent email, and the importance of consistency when sending your real estate marketing emails.

Email Marketing Frequency Take Aways
Email Marketing Frequency – Email marketing frequency depends entirely on your real estate sphere and the type of content you are sending. In the end it is up to you to determine the appropriate frquency. Make sure to be consistent. Don’t send one this month, five next month and two the month after.
Email Content impacts the Frequency – The type of content you are sending in your real estate marketing emails will help determine the frequency at which you should send emails. Make sure that you are providing something of value.
Email Audience impacts the Frequency – The people you are sending your emails to and their expectations combined with the content will help determine your real estate email marketing frequency.

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Email Marketing Frequency