Do an Interview with a Mortgage Broker

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Hello. Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week is a technical week for us. This week, your task is to do an interview with a mortgage agent. When you do this interview, I want you to dig in with them, and really explore different mortgage opportunities … the different types of them, VA, Conventional, FHA, that sort of thing.

Then, explain how important it is to qualify for them … what the credit score does for you. Even, dig into some of those things that we talked about in our last article, which was, five things to not do before you close. Combine all those things into one good, long interview with a mortgage expert.

Then, you want to get a transcript of it. You can go to for that. Just a disclaimer, I use them, but I have no affiliation with them, other than that. Then, get it up on your blog. Send it out in your email. Post it to your social media. Post a link to your blog, to your social media channels. That way you’re generating a little bit of feedback, a little bit of buzz, and getting people seeing it.

That’s your task for this week. Go out and do a great interview with a mortgage expert … a mortgage agent, broker, whatever it is in your area. Make sure you get it out there on all your channels, and make it publicly available.

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Do an Interview with a Mortgage Broker