Coffee and Donuts!

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Welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Adam Small here. So today I’m standing outside the Brickhouse Coffee Company here in Indianapolis and it’s one of my favorite spots to go and hang out, have a drink with a couple of friends and you know, just even get some work done.

So, this week what we’ve got are a couple of items for you. First, your content piece, I want you to do a list of your five top coffee spots in your area. And you know, it’s better if these are your local spots as opposed to your chains. But if you love the chains, then put the chains in there and tell them why, tell your readers, your listeners why and put that out on your social channels, make a blog post and push that out on all your social channels and send an email about it as well.

And then next week, from a weekly roundup perspective, the fifth is National Donut Day. So I think you can kind of combine the coffee and donut thing. Go out, buy a dozen donuts, post on your social channels that you’re going to be at the one of the coffee shops on a specific day and tell people to schedule 15 or 30 minutes with you to talk about their home buying or selling needs. Tell them that you can help them out if they’re worried about getting a loan or if they’re worried about selling and things they gotta do to fix up their house, just kind of schedule a office hours sort of thing where they can come in and talk to you.

That’s been your Real Estate Marketing Minute for this week, thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.

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Coffee and Donuts!