Chocolate Cake and Puzzles

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Hey guys. Welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is the first one of 2019. We took a couple of months off there, it seems like, at the end of ’18 and with the holidays and the beginning of the new year and a lot of crazy work going on over at Agent Sauce we’re building things up, going to be making some great releases here shortly.

So anyway, we’re getting back into the Real Estate Marketing Minute. I’m so glad to see you guys, and this is a weekly round up. So first up on our weekly round up is that National Chocolate Cake Day is on January 27th, and then National Puzzle Day is on the 29th. So you could even have a little fun with that and maybe combine both of them together, and make a cake and take a puzzle into your work and do something over lunch with that. Make sure you take pictures and post that out on your social media, that sort of thing.

Anyway, it’s something you could have a lot of fun with, so have at it. And then we are getting on toward the end of the month so all the market stats have come out by now, and you need to get those market stats together, put them in a nice email, send them out, post them to your social. Drive some interaction there, let people know that you know what’s going on with this new year and new marketing opportunities coming into the spring, which is not too far away. So you want to start building up that authority now, so that people know that when they’re ready to sell or buy, they come to you.

This has been Real Estate Marketing Minute. If you like what you see, don’t forget to click “like” or “subscribe”, and we’ll see you next time.

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Chocolate Cake and Puzzles