Weekly Round Up – Bagels and CTA’s

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Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup. This is for the week of July 22nd through July 28th. So, we only have one wacky holiday this week and that is on the 26th, and it is National Bagel Fest Day. So you could have a lot of fun with that. Maybe find a local bagel festival, or, you know, maybe something related to New York city, that sort of thing, since bagels tend to be associated with New York.

And then, you know, we are coming up on the end of the month, so hopefully you have your market stats. Go ahead and get those market stats, put them up on your website, and link back to your website on your social channels. You wanna drive that traffic back to you from the social channels. Not someone else, you know, your broker, or your association, or anything like that. That gives you an opportunity to catch the lead, right?

And then, you know, we are kinda hitting, we’re actually in the middle of the summer here, but we are coming toward the end of it, and you need to start thinking about what’s gonna happen in the fall and the winter here. So, have a look at your website, and start evaluating your calls to action. Check them out, make sure that they’re effective, make sure that they’re portraying what you want them to portray. And make sure that you have them on your website. Because if you’re not asking people for their information you’re not gonna get it. You’re not gonna generate leads. So, check out your calls to action on your website.

This has been your Real Estate Marketing Minute. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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Weekly Round Up – Bagels and CTA’s