5 Things to avoid before closing

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Hello, and welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week’s a technical week for us so your task for this week is gonna be a real light and simple blog post. The topic of that blog post is going to be Five Things Not to Do Before you Close. We just want to make a little list of five things not to do before you close. It could be three if you can’t think of five, but just put the title in bold and then say why not to do it. It might be something like, “Don’t buy a new car the week before you close.” Or, “Don’t open a credit card the week before you close,” because those things will impact your credit rating and they’ll have to go back and start the process all over again. So, stuff like that. Put that in that post and just five or, three or five things, whatever works best for you, and put it out there on your social channels. Put it on your blog post, obviously, and get it out there. Spread it far and wide. That’s your task for this week. Thanks for watching The Real Estate Marketing Minute. We’ll see you next time.

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5 Things to avoid before closing